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We are excited to announce today our new partnership with Orbith, a fast-growing, Latin American Internet Service Provider, to provide a dedicated MicroGEO communications satellite for Argentina.

This deal is an exciting opportunity in a country that has proven its openness to disruptive technologies and ideas. This new partnership with Orbith is a great opportunity to expand our services to another fast-growing market, and to work with a local partner who deeply understands the communications needs of the Argentinian people.

Orbith today provides a variety of communications services for customers across Latin America: from hospitals, to schools, to businesses, to consumers and beyond. Their growing foothold in the market has been built on the back of fractional capacity rentals from the existing large players — but both availability and price have held them back from expanding their footprint in countries like Argentina.

My partner, Orbith's CEO Pablo Mosiul, had this to say about the new program: “This dedicated MicroGEO communications satellite from Astranis will be a massive accelerator for our plans in Argentina. Having a satellite specifically tailored to our needs, and to the demand that we see from our customers in the country, is a massive competitive advantage that will help us expand our coverage across the country.”

The Orbith satellite will launch in 2025 as part of Astranis’s third launch. With this program, Astranis’s next two full launches of MicroGEO satellites are sold and spoken for.

About Astranis

Astranis is building small, low-cost telecommunications satellites to connect the four billion people on Earth who currently do not have access to the internet. By owning and operating its satellites and offering them to customers as a turnkey solution, Astranis is able to provide bandwidth-as-a-service at a fraction of the cost of legacy providers, unlocking previously unreachable markets.

Source: Astranis

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