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Space launch provider Southern Launch will welcome innovative German rocket manufacturer HyImpulse to launch into space from the Koonibba Test Range near Ceduna in South Australia in 2024. HyImpulse is bringing their SR75 sounding rocket to Australia for a sub-orbital launch. The SR75 is powered by HyImpulse’s unique, green hybrid propulsion technology.

Southern Launch CEO Lloyd Damp says, ‘HyImpulse are leading the way in the development of hybrid rocket technology. We are proud that our Koonibba Test Range provides this leading company with the opportunity to test their launch vehicle and recover it from our overland range.’

The ability to recover the rocket and understand what happened after launch is a key reason for HyImpulse travelling to Australia to launch. The Koonibba Test Range is one of the largest commercial overland rocket testing ranges in the world and provides rocket companies with a unique opportunity to recover their rocket - something not possible with an overwater launch.

HyImpulse CEO Mario Kobald says, ‘Our mission is to develop a launch vehicle that uses our unique hybrid propulsion technology. Launching our first suborbital rocket from the Koonibba Test Range is a huge milestone for our company and we are looking forward to the learnings that this launch will provide our team.’

Co-CEO Christian Schmierer adds, ‘Launching HyImpulse’s first rocket from the other side of the globe, shows Southern Launch’s and HyImpulse’s capability of serving a global market in a rapid, efficient and responsive cooperation from anywhere around the world.’

Southern Launch is managing most aspects of the launch campaign preparation on behalf of HyImpulse including regulatory approvals and the import of the launch vehicle to Australia. HyImpulse CTO Ulrich Fischer says, ‘Having Southern Launch manage the launch for us means we can focus on the vehicle and use our expertise in the best way possible.’

Lloyd says, ‘Southern Launch exists to provide launch services so our industry can keep moving forward at pace. HyImpulse are leaders in their field and we are incredibly excited to play a role in helping them develop their unique launch vehicle that will help our industry continue to evolve and improve.’

The Koonibba Test Range is jointly operated by the Koonibba Community Aboriginal Corporation and Southern Launch. The suborbital SR75 mission is set to lift off from the Koonibba Test Range in Q1 of 2024 subject to regulatory approval. Source: Southern Launch

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